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The social portrait of patient with arterial hypertension


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The study was carried out related to social characteristics of 318 patients with arterial hypertension. The obtained data are compared with opinions of patients concerning accessibility and quality of provided medical care. It is established that patient with arterial hypertension is most often a male (54.1%), aged 55-64 years (56.9%), younger than 45 years (38.7%), with such harmful habits as tobacco smoking (63.5%) and alcohol consumption (60.1%), married (83.3%), residing in municipal apartment (more than 70%), has children residing separately (47.5%), works in industrial sphere (41.2%), with income as 20-40 thousands roubles per family member (39.6%) of lower than 20 000 rubles (30.2%) paying attention to activity on dacha parcel (34.4%), communicates mainly with family members and neighbors (51.6%), emphasizes hard stress situations all along last two years (59.6%). As a rule, patient with arterial hypertension has medical organization in place of one's residence (55%) but frequently reaches it by municipal transport (31,4%), rather frequently visits medical organization (53.1%) and expresses satisfaction with quality of medical care (76.7%). The predictors decreasing probability of satisfaction with quality of medical care are older age of patient, alcohol consumption, more frequent visits to medical organizations. The conclusion is made that study of social demographic characteristics is to be used in practice for increasing efficiency of prevention of arterial hypertension in able-bodied population.

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For citation: Reshetnikov A.V., Reshetnikov V.A., Kozlov V.V., Roiuk V.V. The social portrait of patient with arterial hypertension. Sociologia meditsini. 2016; 15 (2): 80—86. (In Russ.) DOI


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